Seven Focus Groups Completed for the DHMMP

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Over a three month period from January through March 2015, the Downtown Hilo Multimodal Master Plan (DHMMP) Project Team conducted seven focus groups to gather feedback on existing conditions in Downtown Hilo and obtain reactions to preliminary concepts.  The focus groups were hosted by the County Planning Department with SSFM International, and facilitated by David Tarnas of Marine and Coastal Solutions, Inc. These focus groups included:

  • Event Sponsors (Organizations which sponsor large events that close downtown Hilo streets)
  • Visitor Industry Representatives
  • Advocacy Organizations (Disabled, Elderly, Accessibility, Cycling)
  • Users (Residents and those going to school, church or work downtown or nearby)
  • Downtown Landowners
  • Downtown Businesses
  • Hilo High School Students and Teachers

Focus group participants shared their impressions and day to day experiences of Downtown Hilo, and the feedback collected informed further refinement of initial concepts, which will be further tested and vetted through the community engagement process.

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  1. Kimo Makaio

    Once again mahalo nui loa in letting me state my disappointment how Historical Downtown Hilo is turning into a slum, especially when the Hilo Farmers’ Market is promoted as “the place to shop”. Mr. Hans Santiago, I will be submitting my proposals to present for review. I shall be arranging to have a meeting with Mr. Duane Kanuha. Hopefully I will be able to meet with you to find out what is the consensus of the downtown vendors and the tour transportation concerning all contingencies of the General plan concerning not only Historical Downtown Hilo but more especially the whole east coast of this Island of Hawai’i.

  2. Kimo Makaio

    Why isn’t Mass Transit ignoring the creation of more physical bus stops in Historic Hilo town and Waiakea town such as the Pacific Tsunami Museum and Mokupapapa Discovery Center, Two Ladies Kitchen, Hawaiian Style Cafe and the Big Island Candy Company, Ken’s House of Pancakes and the Big Island Trading Company with the Ka-u Coffee Company, etc.? Why is Tiffany Kai refusing to bring the local community who uses the Hele On bus to these areas to not only shop at these establishments but also local businesses surrounding these vendors?

    I You have my phone number and how many times do I have to ask you to let me tweak your 2025 Envision Plan.

    Mahalo nui loa me ke aloha pumehana
    Kimo Makaio.

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