Here’s what Happened at Zoom In Zoom Out 1: Circulation and Bicycle Improvements

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The first Zoom In Zoom Out session for the Downtown Hilo Multimodal Master Plan focused on Circulation and Bicycle Improvements for Downtown Hilo. The DHMMP Technical team facilitated two lively breakout groups, collecting input and ideas on solutions including:

  • Changing downtown streets from one-way to two-way
  • Creating a new connection to Bayfront Highway at Ponahawai Street
  • Connecting Downtown to the Bayfront Trails Master Plan and regional bikeway network

and more!

Couldn’t make the first session? Here’s some materials to get you up to speed:

  • Notes describe topics and record comments received from attendees.
  • Handouts show proposals under consideration.

We hope to see you at ZIZO 2  (August 14) and ZIZO 3 (August 28) for more discussion!  Check the project website for details.